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Save Today, Survive Tomorrow

Clients' savings:





Why save the planet? and when?

The climate is changing and the impacts on the planet are substantial. Read more...


Some statistics

Did you know that the province of Quebec is one of the largest consumers of electricity in the world, with 26.072 kWh per capita? Read more...


Government grants

Tell us more about your company and we will tell you which rebate or grant program you will be eligible for. Read more...


Power quality audit

A full power quality analysis of your equipment will allow us to determine the source of power inefficiencies and to assess the most reliable options available to you. Read more...


Case studies

Download the case studies carried out by our engineers and the energy industry. Read more...



Find out the meaning of all energy-related terms.

Our Clients


"I am pleased to give Power Quebec a good word as a thank you note for their excellent work. They have been referred to us by other Baton Rouge owners and I am proud to be among their satisfied customers. They have shown professionalism and dedication. Their support before and after installation has been first grade. The Power Quebec team is reliable and highly skilled. Thanks to Power Quebec, we have been able to reduce our electricity bill by 13.2%."

Mr Panos,
Bâton Rouge

"I have used the services of Power Quebec and have been completely satisfied. The advice provided by the team allowed me to reduce my energy consumption. Indeed, a first reading of our electricity consumption was made, followed by a second, a few months after the installation of their equipment, concretely demonstrating the actual decrease of our consumption. Without reservation, I highly recommend the services of Power Quebec to any company that wants to reduce its carbon footprint. "

Mr Ramone Tok,

"I want to testify my high degree of satisfaction regarding Power Quebec services. Their expertise in energy management solutions gave us a good understanding of the process. Their approach took into consideration our ultimate goal of decreasing electrical load with minimal maintenance. Installation was prompt and efficient. The staff was courteous and helpful. I appreciated the personal follow-up, which convinced me to renew the experience and to use their services again for two other of my businesses. The savings realized were as following: 10.17 %, 15.82% and 17.24%."

Nino Chimienti,

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